BOOK: Half Page

BOOK: Half Page


To Whom This May Concern,  
You can make a pledge for filling a half page with whatever art or advertisement you desire!  
I look forward to helping you get your work published and supported. You will have the opportunity to present a completed format of how you would like your work/advertisement presented. If I am able to easily combine it with the format my writing program allows I will do so. Otherwise I will present you with a format to the best of my abilities which you will have the power to object to.  
A little back story,  
This is a none profit project for myself. At best I may break even. My aim is to display my art, communicate with the public and give other artists a chance to be published at an affordable rate!  
As I mentioned earlier, I look forward to publishing your work and hope it helps reach a wider audience.  
Warmest regards, Nicole Melrose

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