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Nicole Melrose


Nicole Melrose Headshot.png

Nicole Melrose is a Melbourne born actress and model with European roots stemming from Sweden and Croatia. Nicole spent most of her childhood with her grandmother, Nina Gregory who migrated from Croatia (an established high fashion Melbourne model in the 50's, 60's and 70's) who is one of her biggest inspirations.

Nicole Melrose works as an actress, model, jazz singer and burlesque performer.

She has made a various amount of costumes and props for different performances. She has a studied background in dance (ballet, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary) and performing arts (film, theatre and television) which she has acquired through local and international training. 

Nicole Melrose has been modelling since 2004 and has appeared in various magazines, though Nicole's true passion lies in

performing. She has acted in various films, theatre and television

series. She has also worked on her own films which you

can find: HERE

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