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Some Publications


Magazines, Websites, Interview etc

Nicole has been publishes in magazines such as AIPP (Cover/award winning photograph), Chiiz, Adore Pin up Magazine, Ceilo, The Powder room, Balln' on a Budget ...etc 

An array of modelling images taken over time


Nicole as  Model Subject

Nicole Began modeling at the ripe age of fifteen with photographer Peter Coulson. She has been hired for Vintage, Fashion, Art and other categories of  work.

Poster and BTS photogaphs of film projects


Theatre and Film

Nicole came into the world screaming and was a born drama queen. All through childhood she would create her own plays and characters which she continues to do, only now professionally. Nicole has performed in such plays as An Inspector Calls, Noises Off and appeared in various short films and television series i,e Underbelly. She has even begun producing and writing, one project example which she wrote with Director Billy Minshull-Gander called, Ruby's Balloon (where she played Ruby Windfield). 

Nicole Melrose and May Dalton, A Dance To Remember

During our stay on a Sydney Tour we participated in a movement modelling project. It was facinating to see how we moved and enticed each other. 


Rated: (PG)

SYNOPSYS: Jean Holloway is the city's midnight waif searching for answers. On this particular night, she has arrived home with a gentleman admirer, Tom. He finds himself torn between the attraction to her and an overwhelming concern over her rapid moods and thought patterns.

Ruby's Balloon, Crowd Funding

Rated: (G)

Ruby's Balloon, A Nightmare in Chalk, is a tale of a girl who befriends a red balloon. It is a colourful French-styled inspired film. It delightfully speaks to children and to the inner child of an adult.


It was originally made to campaign and raise funding for the latest Ruby's Balloon film, which is now in the running for a few film festivals in Europe.   

Director & Co-writer: Billy Minshull-Gardner

Producer, Co-writer and Ruby (actress): Nicole Melrose

D.O.P & Colour-grading: Pete Grayson 


Rated: (PG)

Ruby Windfeild, a woman in her early twenties struggles to work in her father’s bread bakery. Shy and filled with imagination she befriends a red balloon who helps give her the confidence to accept a handsome young man’s invitation out. Only her father is not so accepting of her red balloon…

Ruby: Nicole Melrose
Robert: Brian Cresswell
James: Liam Seymour
Julia: Anie Jones
Female Customer: Debra Iris Batton
Ticket Salesmen: Justin Johnston
Magician: Enzo Ficco

Writer(s): Nicole M and Billy M-G
Director: Billy Minshull-Gardner
Production Designer: Das Patterson
Costume Designer: Anie Zanzanian
D.O.P: Pete Grayson
Composer: Bernabe Salvador
Concept art: Nathalie Rattner

16mm Vintage Motion Picture of Nicole Melrose and Al Cappuccino Magic Act at the Forum Theatre

My First Test Shoot
FIlmed by the Talented Tony Fereri
The Scarelets:  Bombshell
A film clip about a temptress in her seductive red lingerie
Short Film, Knowing Morgan
When Nicole Isn't Working
Performance  education
Nicole is known to almost always be studying even while she is still in the working professionally. Some include:

-16th st Performance academy 

- CAE Ballet

- Deakin University (Performing Arts/Psychology)

- Dance Factory 

- Edgmar (L.A)

...along with many private coaches and teachers etc

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