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    Every month
    Monthly Subscription BTS, Photographs, Entries, Videos
    • You will receive access to images and BTS footage.
    • You are able to write and engage with me personally.
    • You will see Photographs that are for Subscribers only
    • You will have access to content others must pay for
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All money goes to improving my studio setup, camera, tripods and of course new costuming, makeup and clothing to make for future projects. Even cent counts.

Becoming a Subscriber: 

As a member you will have access to my online WEB DIARY. Here I keep a continuous online weblog of images, film footage and updates of my current projects. There are many images only available for my Darling Subscribesrs.

You will also be able to write to me directly in the comments section where you can also make requests or suggestions for potential project themes and ideas!  

Pricing is done is Australian $

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