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Burlesque Acts

Title: Simplicity act

Mood:  Sexy, bubbly, glamorous

Description: In this act I am wearing a pink backless gown that I tease the audience with by slipping out of it while hiding behind my pink feathered fans. It is called the simplicity act as it is all about the teasing of the audience with removing only one item of clothing but making sure the tease remains all the way through only using feather fans.

Props: Feather Fans


Pretty In Pink 3.jpg
Nicole Melrose in her Simplicity Act Gown3800_edited.jpg
Nicole Melrose and her Feathers IV.jpg
Nicole Melrose Pretty In Pink Fan.jpg

Title: Black Widow

Mood: Sexy, sultry, glamorous,

Description: This act focuses more on the traditional layered strip-tease. Its visually engaging due to the many items of clothes I take my time to remove.

If you would like me to engage the audience with this one I would be more than happy to, though this act can be done just as nicely on my own.

Props: Hand-sewn embellished gloves, embroidered silver shawl



Black Widow Act Nicole Melrose.jpeg

Title: Gift Box Routine (most popular)

Mood: Sexy, cheeky, bubbly, glamorous, sparkly


Description: In this act I burst out of a life-sized pink Gift Box wearing a beautifully handmade shimmer dress. This act includes the undress of a silk rhinestone embellished corset with hand-sewn matching lingerie down to a glitter G-string and pasties. I cheekily play with the audience or if it is for somebody’s personal celebration (i.e Hens/Bucks night, birthday etc) I can give them special attention!

Props: Gift Box, feather umbrella, Glitter/Sparkles, rhinestoned gloves



Nicole Melrose Gift Box Routine CCard.jpg

Title: Pretty in Pink

Mood: Sexy, bubbly, glamorous, sparkly, cheeky


Description: This is my second most popular acts as it is easy to transport and never fails to entertain the audience through playing with the classic elements of a strip tease and of course with another elaborate costume. This act includes a large pink rhinestoned tutu held under one of my favourite pink corsets. This act can be done without any audience interaction but can also be affective when I am able to (for example) wrap a stocking around somebody, have an audience member help untie my corset or possibly help unclip one of my garter clips. Either way it is a fun playful act for the audience.   

Props: A beautifully elaborate costume is all that’s needed




Title: Roxanne

Mood: Sexy, sultry, dramatic, glamorous

Description: This act is dramatically engaging and draws the audience in with interaction and storyline (I must have a person to interact with. It could be a bar tender or a guest). As I undress out of an elaborate dark but glamorous costume I eventually entangle myself in a long elastic attached to another person’s arm which I slip onto them. When the act hits its crescendo, I spin myself out of the tangle finishing on the floor with feathers and/or rose petals I bursting out of a hidden bag.

This act is wonderful if you’d like something a little different to the typical light and bubbly Burlesque.

Props: Head-piece, rose petals, feathers, hand-sewn embellished gloves, wrist/arm elastic


Behind The Scenes Video:

Title: Shimmy Shimmy

Mood: Sexy, sultry, dramatic, glamorous, cheeky

Description: This is my most recently developed act with every ounce of glamour possibly incorporate into a shimmy skirt designed to be seductively zipped out of. This costume is my most elaborate costume. The colours incorporate baby pink and transparent white crystals. If you are a fan of moving hips and a classic shimmy, this is the perfect act.

This act is wonderful if you’d like something a little different to the typical light and bubbly Burlesque.

Props: Hand-sewn embellished corset, glamourous crystal armbands, R]removable zip skirt to tease the audience with.

Home made clip:


More Photos and Videos

Nicole Melrose BTS working Glamour.jpg
Professional Picture 6.jpg
Professional Picture 10.jpg
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